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HazMat Course Module 3


of major chemical incidents (natural and anthropogenic)

  • Bhopal
  • Cameroon
  • Tokyo subway attack


Dhara VR, Dhara R. The Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal: A Review of Health Effects. Arch Environ Health 2002;57(5):391-404 PMID12641179 Fulltext [71 KB]

Ashok S. Kalelkar AS. Investigation of large-magnitude incidents: Bhopal as a case study. Presented at The Institution of Chemical Engineers Conference On Preventing Major Chemical Accidents London, England May 1988 16pp bhopal.pdf [326 KB]


Baxter PJ, Kapila M, Mfonfu D. Lake Nyos disaster, Cameroon, 1986: the medical effects of large scale emission of carbon dioxide? Br Med J 1989;298:1437-41 PMID2502283 Fulltext [2.4 MB]

Tokyo subway attack

Sumie Okumura, Tetsu Okumura, Shinichi Ishimatsu, Kunihisa Miura, Hiroshi Maekawa and Toshio Naito. Clinical review: Tokyo – protecting the health care worker during a chemical mass casualty event: an important issue of continuing Relevance. tokyosubway.pdf [48 KB]



Write a review of the Seveso dioxin incident or the Mount St Helens volcanic eruption with emphasis on human health effects.

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