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Rough Scaled or Clarence River Snake

  • Rough scaled or Clarence River snake (Tropidechis carinatus)

This information should be read in conjunction with the detailed background information on Australian snakebite.

Antivenom Tiger Snake: starting dose 1-3 ampoules, 4 if major envenomation
Bite Site ? 70% effective, mild local pain, swelling and bruising
Principle venom effect Predominantly paralysis, minor myolysis, no significant coagulopathy

Restricted to wetter areas of coastal mid to NE Australia (NSW & Queensland), common within their habitat. Aggressive snake with strongly keeled (ridged) body scales, olive to dark brown with dark bands. Similar venom effects to tiger snake, dangerous and potentially lethal.

NOTE: Gives positive result in the tiger snake tube of the Venom Detection Kit.

Preferred antivenom is CSL Tiger Snake Antivenom.


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