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Poisoning monographs

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Educational Resources for Diagnosis of Poisoning

File Name File Type Audience Previous Use Year Created Country of Origin Associated Files Submitted by
Diagnosis 2005.ppt [951 KB]PPTGeneral medicalTeaching at all levels2005USA Kent Olson
Peds Dx 2001.ppt [434 KB]PPTPediatriciansLectures2001USA Kent Olson
Cardiovascular Cases.ppt [2 MB]PPTPhysiciansLecture/discussion2005USA Kent Olson
Toxic Causes of Acidosis 2005.ppt [101 KB]PPTPhysiciansLecture/discussion2005USA Kent Olson
Diagnosis QUIZ 2007.ppt [304 KB]PPTPhysiciansLecture/discussion2007USA Kent Olson

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