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Organophosphates Teaching Resources

File Name File Type Audience Previous Use Year Created Country of Origin Associated Files Submitted by
Organophosphates 2012.pptx [10.2 MB]PPTPostgraduateTeaching, Australia, Japan2012Sri Lanka, Australia, VietnamAndrew Dawson SACTRC
OP poisoning wiki.ppt [966 KB]PPTUnder and post graduateTeaching2006Sri LankaSee next 2 PDFs Eddleston et alSACTRC
Eddleston 2004 - early management OP poisoning.pdf [160 KB]PDFAllJournal Article2004Sri Lanka SACTRC
Eddleston 2004 - Early management unconscious patient.pdf [30 KB]PDFAllJournal Appendix2004Sri Lanka SACTRC
OPs Lessons from Anuradhapura.ppt [3 MB]PPTPostgradTeaching2007Sri Lanka SACTRC
Pralidoxime Edinburgh.ppt [1.5 MB]PPTAll 2007Scotland Michael Eddleston
Organophosphate Wiki Wilks.ppt [1.6 MB]PPTAll 2008Switzerland Martin Wilkes
OP talk Cape Town 8-10-07.ppt [8.5 MB] Sri Lanka Bishan Rajapakse
Biomarkers in OP poisoning.pdf [567 KB] 2009Sri Lanka/ Australia Bishan Rajapakse



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