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 +====== Cardiac Glycoside Teaching Resources ======
 +|**File Name** |**File Type** |**Audience** |**Previous Use** |**Year Created** |**Country of Origin** |**Associated Files** |**Submitted by** |
 +|{{:​wikitox:​cardiac_glycoside_mechanisms_2.ppt|Cardiac glycoside mechanisms 2}}.ppt [5.3 MB]|PPT|Authors|XXVII international congress of EAPCCT|2007|England|None|Michael Eddleston|
 +|{{:​wikitox:​digitalis_stone_heart_myth_olson_2007.ppt|Digitalis Stone Heart Myth - Olson 2007.ppt}} ​ [1.1 MB]|PPT|Emergency Physicians|Topics in EM 2007 - San Francisco|2007|USA|None|Kent Olson|
 +|{{:​wikitox:​acls_revision_critical_care.ppt|ACLS revision Critical Care.ppt}} ​ [2.8 MB]|PPT|Acute Care|CriticalCare Lanka|2007|Sri Lanka|see acknowledgements|Andrew Dawson|
 +|{{:​wikitox:​cardiac_contractility.ppt|Cardiac contractility.ppt}} ​ [2.7 MB]|PPT| |Ney York Poiso Centre|2006|USA| |Dapo Odujebe|
 +|Yellow Oleander.ppt [X MB]|PPT|General|Presentation|2005|Sri Lanka| |Darren Roberts|
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