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-Enter WikiTox [[====== WikiTox ====== +====== ​WikiTox ​====== 
 +Go to [[:​wikitox:​wikitox_home|mainsite]] 
 +===== WHAT IS WIKITOX? ​===== 
 +WikiTox ​is an open access curriculum project to improve the treatment of people who are poisoned. All content is freely accessible to anyone who visits the site, membership is not required. 
 +The purpose of WikiTox is to create a repository of toxicology information and teaching material to be used freely by individuals and other teachers. Contributions are by invitation and based upon recommendations and known expertise. Previous priority topics can be found [[:​wikitox:​priority_topics|here]]. 
 +Intellectual content falls under a Creative Commons. All content undergoes editorial scrutiny. The site is financially supported by donations from groups who have used the material to provide courses. 
 +===== WHY WIKITOX? ​===== 
 +Most clinical toxicology is not taught by clinical toxicologists,​ as a consequence the standard of content delivered is variable in quality. 
 +Most clinical toxicologists have teaching content that they have used in their own units or at selected meetings sitting on their hard disks. This would include keynote lectures. Precongress symposia, Pre and Post graduate teaching material. 
 +===== WIKITOX STRUCTURE ===== 
 +  * 1. Poisoning Monographs \\ This gives specific advice on the management toxins and clinical treatment of their poisoning: 
 +      * Drugs [[:​wikitox:​drugs_by_class|by class]], [[:​wikitox:​drugs_by_name|by name]] 
 +      * [[:​wikitox:​chemicals|Chemicals]] 
 +      * [[:​wikitox:​natural_toxins|Natural toxins]], [[:​wikitox:​plants_by_name|plants by name]], [[:​wikitox:​snakes_by_name|snakes by name]] 
 +      * [[:​wikitox:​|Toxidromes]] 
 +  * 2. [[:​wikitox:​core_information|General Background]] \\  This gives an approach to toxicology. 
 +  * 3. [[:​wikitox:​teaching_resources|Teaching Outline]] \\  This gives a suggested curriculum using parts of 1 and 2. 
 +  * 4. [[:​wikitox:​entire_curriculum|Topic Structure]] \\  This gives an overall topic structure for all content. 
 +WikiTox ​supports a distance learning course delivered by the PostGraduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. A description of the course is available on the [[http://​​page_id=704|PGIM website]] or can be downloaded here: {{:​wikitox:​medical_toxicology_2.pdf|Medical Toxicology 2.pdf}} ​ [992 KB]
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